Hello world!

This greeting seems rather appropriate as I begin my journey blogging about parenting as an older, a much older parent. I always imagined that each of my children had this thought coming into the world. Each one with a different addition to what the world could expect. My first born would have been, “Hello world, I am here to help.” my fifth and final child would have been “Hello world, look out!”

Over the almost 3 decades of parenting, I have seen many changes. Car seats 3 decades ago were a light piece of plastic and no one really paid attention to safety or comfort, after all I think there were only 3 or 4 models back then. I would feel sorry for new parents today, except that I am one of them.

Uppababby, BOB, Peg Perego, Baby Jogger, Bugabboo, Quinny, Graco, Cosco…just to name a few ….so many strollers! With my first child I had the choice of a pram, a pink umbrella stroller or a blue umbrella stroller!!! Had I not worked for a store that specialized in baby gear, I would have surely spent hours searching the web with tears rolling down my face as I tried to decide which stroller to get my precious bundle of joy.

I think parenting today takes a lot more knowledge and a lot more strength in many areas than it did 3 decades ago. I am here to share my journey, experiences and knowledge as I start my journey over again from A2Z.