Parenting Is Hard !



So, I am back. What happened? Well, let me just start out by saying that single parenting is hard, single parenting at 40 something is harder. After spending 8 months trying to figure out this whole blogging process and finding time to do so, it took less than a minute for my 2 year old to undo it all. Turns out while I am technologically challenged, my 2 year old is advanced beyond his years.

I had planned to do an entire series of blogs on Christmas but that didn’t happen. Instead I will have to settle for doing an overview of my December. First rule of parenting is nothing is going to go as planned so just roll with it.

I started December by a putting up the tree party with 4 of my children and my sister. I don’t quite know what I was thinking as maintaining a tree with 2 littles and a crazy dog is a lot of work and December 1st is way too early! However, we had a lot of fun and I set a northstates superyard around the tree which helped….with the dog…the 2 year old was a different story.

ok, tree was up. The next day I adorned my house with Christmas Christmas lights and set out an array of singing stuffed Christmas decorations, another bad move. You would think I would know all of this by now but apparently I don’t. The littlest members of the family were quick to pull the decorations down and had a great time making all of them play, walk and sing simultaneously. The dog added to noise by barking uncontrollably and who could blame her. The littles enjoyed it immensely and really that’s all that counts.

Twinkle the elf on the shelf made her debut that day too. I love the concept but it is a lot of work and unfortunately Twinkles magic didn’t always work this year. Did I mention that single parenting is hard? Twinkle spent 2 days hanging in my daughter’s Christmas apron before I told her that Twinkle obviously wanted us to make cookies for Santa….and that’s what we did.

After that Twinkle’s magic came back and the adventures began again. Although Twinkle seems to be getting old and her tricks weren’t quite as elaborate after that. She spent a lot of time reminding me of things that had to be done rather than destroying my house. The littles seemed to think that was funny so it worked out well on all sides.

After putting the Christmas tree up and starting the adventures with Twinkle, it was time to get down to business. There were 26 hand made gifts to be made, that’s right 26. There were blankets to be embroidered, little bunny hats, inspirational hand painted photo boxes and the hardest but best gifts were the personalized rag doll bunnies.

I didn’t get all of these done but maybe I can do a tutorial while I finish the rest. I did finish the blankets, memory boxes and hats. However, they were such a hit I have requests for more…..perfect. I should be caught up by March.

As you can see in the first photo we also went to see Santa, this did not go well and I apologize again to the other parents and children who had to endure my 2 year old screaming for 30 minutes in line. He was actually happy to see Santa and ran up to him but then Santa made the mistake of picking my son up and….well a picture is worth a thousand words. This reaction to Santa actually surprised me since we did a trial run earlier in December.

I don’t quite understand how he can be high fiving Santa one week and screaming in fear the next. Understanding a 2 year old is difficult at the best of times, throw Christmas into it and well….did I mention parenting is hard.

With Santa visits behind me, gifts made, wrapped and cookies set out, all that was left was Christmas Celebrations. This year I started a new Christmas tradition “Christmas Eve Eve at Eve’s” . I think it may have gone better if my little girl hadn’t broken a tooth the day before on a carrot. Of course the dentist couldn’t get her in to fix it until after Christmas so for most of Christmas I had a very grumpy little girl. Again, parenting is hard and watching your child suffer in pain is always difficult but Christmas made it that much more difficult.

Christmas Eve is extremely special to me for several reasons but this year I had 4 of my children under one roof and it is the best Christmas gift I can imagine. I wish it could be all 5 but that is a story for another day. Christmas Eve was fairly quiet, spent waiting for the little ones to fall asleep. The 2 year old struck again, staying up until 2:30 in the morning. Yep, parenting…

Santa came and he really outdid himself…..other than the lost stocking stuffers, he had created an amazing sight.  The next morning everyone slept in and while little girl was super excited, little man was not impressed that he only had 6 hours of sleep. I had little sympathy since I had only slept 5 hours. He got over his lack of enthusiasm once he saw a motorized train set up around the tree….I got over mine after I finished my second cup of coffee.

After all the gifts were opened and houses visited, this is where little man spends a lot of his time. Little girl is busy off in a corner playing with her abundance of toys and I am trying to figure out where I am going to put the abundance of toys.!

We had an amazing Christmas and although parenting is hard, the rewards are amazing! I hope everyone had a holiday season as fantastic as mine was. Now on to ringing in the new year. Here is hoping I have finally figured out this thing called technology and will return soon.


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