The Worst Day Of Her Life.


My life came to a grinding halt a few days ago. While I was in the kitchen doing I don’t even remember what, my daughter called out that my sun conure was hanging upside down from his bed. I went to check what was happening but by the time I got to the cage he was back in his bed sitting up.

A few minutes later my daughter was crying that he was doing it again. My first thought was that he had realized that he was getting a lot of attention so he was playing. However, I went to the cage and sure enough he was sitting up in his bed bobbing his head as he always did when he was playing. I went back to the kitchen.

My daughter screamed. My bird had fallen from his bed and wasn’t moving. I ran…..Quickly I realeased the top of his cage, grabbing a cloth to pick him up with. He had choked once before and as soon as I revived him he bit me…hard so I wasn’t making that mistake again. I grabbed him while my daughter stood behind me and cried.

As I turned him upside down and gently compressed his chest he opened his eyes and moved his head. I rubbed his back to help him recover but his head fell back into my hand. I found myself yelling “Come on Theo, not today.” … was too late. I tried to revive him for what seemed like an eternity and he still wasn’t breathing. There was nothing more I could do and my daughter sank into my arms and sobbed. “ This is the worst day of my life” she said softly as I held her tight.

My life stopped, the dishes remained in the sink, I didn’t write, I didn’t paint…. I just held my daughter and helped he grieve through the ‘Worst Day Of Her Life.’

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