🎶 Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it snow.🎶

If you can’t beat it….complain and deal with it.


This morning I woke up to Canada ! Oh that’s right, I said Canada. Over night the wonderful snow angel visited and left us snow, a lot of snow. In fact some of the snow drifts came above my knee. Now if I said that about my daughter, it wouldn’t be a big deal but I stand at 5’ 11”, that is a lot of snow.

At first I thought my Bugaboo Buffalo would be fine but as I shoveled the sidewalk outside my door, I realized I needed something a little more winter rugged. So I pulled out my B.O.B revolution (yes I have a stroller problem.). It wasn’t until I took my dog out that I realized that the B.OB might struggle as well and my 7 year old was going to struggle to walk through it.

What to do, what to do, call her in on a snow day? Struggle with the B.OB and lift the 7 year old over the snow drifts? Nope, pull out the Chariot Cougar 2 and pop those skis on ! This would be the first time I used the entire ski/hiking kit and I must say success !

The stroller was long with the poles and sometimes slipped back while I was stepping forward but this was not what the kit was intended for so I can’t really complain. I imagine if I was using skis myself this wouldn’t be an issue. Over all though it was a smooth ride and the stroller didn’t get stuck once despite the 78 lb load. It’s amazing really, a woman in her 40’s (I am having an I don’t want to admit my age day.) pulled 2 kids through snow that was up to her knees ! Way to go Chariot and Thank You!

This was the average depth of the snow, with some snow drifts being almost double.


When I go to pick my daughter up I am going to try the skis with the jogging wheel. When I was first researching the Chariot I had read reviews saying that others used it this way and never had an issue getting through any amount of snow. I am sceptical about this as I think the jogging wheel is going to dig into the deep snow and the walk will be more difficult. However, I am somewhat of a stroller nut and I need to know. I will post the results tonight or tomorrow.


That went exactly how I thought it would. While the harness lifted the strollers front end allowing the skis to glide smoothly, the jogging wheel just dug in and made it almost impossible to move. If I pivoted the stroller back so the Jogging wheel was not digging int the snow then the skis did glide easily over the snow but oh my back.

Where the snow was probably around 5 or 6 inches the stroller and Jogging wheel were fine. So this could work in a less severe snow storm, it didn’t really function well in snow that was for the most part over 9 inches and in some areas double that.



While I probably could have call a snow day and saved myself some aches and pains, I made it to and from school twice fairly unscaved. I now know that while the Jogging wheel and skis are not a great solution for deep snow, the harness and skis are fantastic.

As someone who spends a lot of time outside, I can not recommend the Thule stroller products enough. Although pretty pricey they are absolutely worth every penny. I was lucky enough to find all of these products used but they still ran me $700. The Cougar 2 has been replaced by a new line by Thule and the new line runs for about $900+, the ski kit is around $329 and the Jogging wheel runs about $120. However, keep in mind that I bought mine used for $700 and others I looked at were much more expensive so you may be able to get at least half of your investment back.



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