Yes, I woke My Kids Up For A Super Blue Moon That Was Actually Red.

This morning marked an event that hasn’t happened in over  a 150 years. A didn’t seem to find this as spectacular as I did as I pulled her out of bed just before 5 am. As I carried her downstairs she said “Just put me back in bed, I don’t care about the moon.” Like any good parent I continued walking towards the window, thinking she could nap on the couch if she didn’t perk up when she saw it.

My suspicions were right, as soon as she saw the shadow on the moon she perked up. “Cool!!!!.” It really was cool, both the event and weather. I slipped on a light jacket and ran outside to get a quick photo. By the time I returned to the warmth of my home I was frozen. I guess I should have checked the weather first, -31. The plan to take the kids outside quickly turned into them watching it from a window.

By 5 am the shadow had covered almost half the moon and it was an amazing sight. We were so fortunate that the sky was completely clear during the entire event. I was able to get some amazing pictures, as well as a lot of not so amazing pictures. photography is something I haven’t quite mastered.

Both littles watched patiently as the shadow progressed, and I continued running outside to catch glimpses of the rare event. And then it happened. Well worth the wait. A was over the moon with excitement, The red colour didn’t last very long and I am glad I was able to catch it before it was gone.

Although I am exhausted this morning, it was well worth the lack of sleep. A will be able to recall the morning mom pulled her out of bed to see the rare accurance of a blue, super moon that turned red for the rest of her life.


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