💞Happy Valentine’s Day!💞

That may seem self centred but it really isn’t meant to be that way. I hope everyone has a really happy Valentine’s Day and I hope they have people around them that make them feel loved. However, I also want everyone to take the time to love themselves today. You are awesome!!! I find it sad that Valentine’s Day focuses on couples loving each other and that some single people are somehow alienated from this holiday of love. I remember many years where being single on Valentine’s was embarrassing, how I hated watching other couples holding hands, showering each other with love. Thinking that somehow those people were worth that but I wasn’t.

Then I entered relationships with people who didn’t shower me in love, not just on Valentine’s Day, they rarely showed me love and why would they, I had conditioned myself for many years to feel like I wasn’t worthy of it. For the next 30 years I would hurt and be jealous of couples who adored each other. Not to say there weren’t a few really good Valentine’s Days but the days of showering me with love were few and far between and so it never seemed enough. As write that it seems sad that someone would live that way for so long but things change and life evolves.

I learned that loving myself was the more important than others loving me. Not that I don’t still appreciate others loving me, in fact it has more depth and meaning now than it has ever had before. I can love deeper and appreciate being loving towards others more now than ever before in my life. I give from a place of understanding rather than a place of obligation or need for some kind of return. It is a much happier and peaceful place to be in life.

It seems ridiculous to me now that I was jealous of others love. I am not less of a person because I am single and I am worth the most important love of all, my own love. I am blessed to have wonderful people who stood by me in life and showed me that I was worth my own love. I am blessed that my life overflows with the love of my children. Seeing people loving their partners makes me happy now and fills me with warmth. Seeing those who love themselves however fills my heart with joy because they are loved with or without others.

I hope you wish yourself a Happy Valentine’s Day today, weather you are loved by a partner or single because the most important person to love and recognize as your Valentine is you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to all those I love.

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