The Reason I Disappeared Again.

It has been a while since I last posted. I am trying but sometimes it is overwhelming trying to do it all and sometimes I just need to back off and take a break from the world. Yes, I am trying to make extra money, at least enough to pay for my blogs and not posting for months is not bringing me any closer to that goal. I do apologize and I am hoping to find a better rhythm to balancing everything.

So now for the reason behind my rude disappearance, I wrote and illustrated a children’s book for my oldest daughter:

That’s right, I am an author. I wouldn’t say it has the best illustrations or that it is an award winning story that everyone will want to own but I did it. The illustrations were drawn on a cracked iPad Air and the story roughly based on a ladybug that my daughter and her friends found as children.

This book was written, illustrated and published in 6 weeks. A monumental task and if you have ever published a children’s book in that amount of time, I applaud you. Because I am a single mom, I worked 20 hours a day trying to do it all. My littles definitely ate a few too many hot dogs during that time and my housework suffered as well. But I did it.

When my first proof arrived from Amazon, I opened the box and it hit me. I am now an author. I had published poems before but that was a long time ago, this was different. I have had a rough few years and this was an achievement that was all mine. I wasn’t all the things someone called me anymore. I had shed that and had become a whole new person, the person I always wanted to be but never allowed.

My youngest daughter walked around with that book in her hands announcing that her mom writes children books, grinning ear to ear. The sparkle in her eyes and the pride she had that her mom wrote a children’s book brought tears to my eyes. After really struggling for over a year and a half, she was proud to be my daughter.

I am now publishing a second book this month and my youngest daughter and I are working on a third together. I hope to have more frequent updates but if I disappear for a while please be patient. I am just busy following a dream.