I Think I May Have Found Myself.

The characters from, Fracus, The Little Flower and             Up coming title, Monday My Brother Was A                                                       Dinosaur.

So where have I been and what is with this book stuff suddenly?  Yeah, let me take a moment to apologize once again to those who have checked in from time to time. I am a creative soul and as such I seem to have a hard time focusing. Some hate that about me and some love it. I just accept it, I am loving, fun, hard-working AND I am a scatter brain, dramatic, forgetful and distracted easily.

It is who I am and for decades I allowed others to tell me that version of me wasn’t ok. If you have followed some of my other posts you will have noticed that I am a single parent, yep doing life the right way since the 1970’s. I know some may see this as a negative but the negative was the relationship itself. Not that the other person is to blame, I just hadn’t taken the time to find myself and so the choices I was making were not the right choices for me.

My relationship ended on a bad note and the taste of it sits with me today. I am not bitter with the person I had to let go, I am bitter with myself. I am bitter for not valuing myself enough  to take the time to find myself. Let that be a lesson to anyone who reads this blog in their 20’s. If I can give you any advice in life, it is to find yourself and accept  yourself so you can attract those who do the same. I have found it to be true, at least in my life that if you are insecure with yourself, you will attract people who perpetuate those insecurities.

Ok, so enough with the drab serious side of life, I have been serious for far too long. I WROTE A BOOK! The first one isn’t bad although it needs to be reformatted but it was written and illustrated in 6 weeks for my daughter who was leaving for a year to teach abroad so although not great, it was done with great love. I CO WROTE A SECOND BOOK! Oh look at me go, so excited! The second book is a story my mom told myself and my siblings when we were little. I had the pleasure of rescuing the story with my mother and illustrating it. The story is really good and I am not just saying that because it’s my mom’s story, people have raved about it for decades, which is why we published it, well that and money. Food costs money and so do lawyers, yep, this is my life. True story.

So how does this tie in with the title? I am loving it! Currently I am writing a book with my 7 year old and there are several tiles in the works. I have finally found what I love and I am not stopping there, I have so many ideas to for a whole new brand and a whole new me. After decades, I think I may have actually found who I really am and it feels great. I hope you will follow the journey with me,


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