Free Gratitude Activity

Gratitude Jar Activity.

Being grateful for the things we have and the world around us is extremely important in our home. This year I have created a gratitude jar activity so we can start every day being thankful for what we have and I would like to share our activity with you for free. This activity can be used in a busy book or taped to a wall aqnd make a great addition to a morning routine.

To get your free activity:

  1. Download the Gratitude Jar below.
  2. Print on Cardstock, laminate or do both for durability.
  3. Cut images out.
  4. Use Velcro to attach images to jar.

You are now ready to use your gratitude jar, we hope that you and your family enjoy this activity as much as we do.


August 15th and 16th we are offering a free download of What Will You Write On My Wall Today?, please click the link below to get yours.

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