Free Kindness Activity for Homeschool.

What we say to ourselves can affect our attitude and how we cope with the world around us. Teaching children to be kind to themselves and to those around them gives them a building block to help them navigate the world. Never before has it been more important to teach our children how to be kind and stay safe both physically and mentally.

I have spent 2 years developing kindness activities for my children and today I am sharing one of those activities with you for free.

For your free What Will You Write On My Wall Today? activity please:

1. Scroll to the bottom and download the PDF.

2. Print on card stock, laminate or both for durability.

4. Cut out the kindness words.

5. Add Velcro to the blank rectangles, the kindness words and the weekly board.

6. Every morning have your child start their day by choosing a kind word for themselves and adding it to the weekday board.

Note: If you have an older child you can print out the blank rectangles and have them think and write their own kind words.

This activity only takes a minute or two and can be hung in a place your child can see it through the day to reenforce kindness to themselves. Watch for an expanded package coming in the next few months.


We hope you enjoy this activity as much as we do.


Want more? Check out my other posts and download a free ebook August 15 and 16th.

Free August 15th and 16th.

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